Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease (fibroblastic induration) is a male urogenital disorder that is accompanied by a curvature of the penis. The defect becomes noticeable while the penis is erect. Peyronie’s disease is difficult psychologically, often accompanied by problems in sexual life. If you are looking for a medical center where Peyronie’s disease can be cured, visit FNKC […]

Parkinson’s Disease

What is Parkinson’s diseaseParkinson’s disease is a progressive disease of the nervous system that is mainly characterized by movement disorders. Symptoms build up slowly, sometimes with a barely noticeable tremor in one hand. Tremor is the key symptom, but often the disease leads to stiffness and slowed movements. It should be noted that Parkinson’s disease […]

Crohn’s disease

General descriptionCrohn’s disease is a chronic nonspecific granulomatous inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, localizing in almost all its parts (from the mouth to the rectum), with predominant involvement of the terminal ileum. The disease is represented by inflammation of all layers of the intestinal wall, regional lymphadenitis, and possible formation of ulcers. Crohn’s disease refers […]

Diseases of the tooth pulp

General DescriptionTooth pulp diseases are a group of inflammatory diseases of the neurovascular bundle of the tooth pulp. At risk.All persons with severe carious cavities Factors affecting the development of pulpitisLow level of oral hygiene;High-carbohydrate type of diet;Gum disease (periodontitis);dental trauma;Fear of dental procedures;smoking;stressful situations.Pulpitis symptomspain after eating sweet or hot food, lasting more than […]

Periodontal disease

General DescriptionPeriodontal disease is a group of inflammatory diseases of the tissues surrounding a tooth. The main source of infection in the periapical tissues are the products of microorganisms in the root canals of the tooth. Depending on the type of infection and the body’s immune response, the strength of the pain response and the […]


Why myopia occursMyopia (Myopia) is a pathology of the refractive power of the eye in which the image is focused not on the retina, but in the plane in front of it. This is why a person sees small objects well up close, but the farther they are, the harder it is to see them. […]

Biliary cirrhosis of the liver

General descriptionBiliary cirrhosis is a chronic autoimmune disease, which occurs as a result of bile outflow disorders along intrahepatic and biliary tracts (cholestasis) and is characterized by the replacement of parenchymatous liver tissue by connective tissue (fibrosis). Prognosis of the disease itself depends on diagnosis and in undiagnosed cases leads to worsening of the development: […]


Infertility (or infertility) is the inability of couples of childbearing age to conceive within 12 months if they have a regular sexual life without contraception. It is a severe pathology faced by more than 15% of couples worldwide. The exact diagnosis of “infertility” in women is established only after a complete examination. It is important […]